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Yog Mudra For Thyroid

Mudra for Thyroid:

To form this mudra as shown in figure join the fingers of both hand in such a way that the thumb, fore finger and middle finger of one hand are crossed and properly locked with the same ones of other hand. Try to keep in read more...

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Rep. Tim Ryan says meditation not only reduces his stress, it may help him work better with Trump, Republicans

Rep. Tim Ryan believes meditating yoga flow not only helps him navigate through tumultuous political waters but that it can be useful for the country in these read more...

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Power Yoga For Weight Loss: Iyengar Yoga | Hot Yoga | Weight Watchers

The ancient practice of Yoga has become very popular all across the world, for the several health benefits that have been associated with it. Apart from better immunity, reduction in stress and increased strength, Yoga can also help you lose a lot read more...

1 year ago

The Perfect At-home Yoga Workout For The Stay-at-home Mom

To be able to stay physically and mentally fit, one of the advisable steps in doing so is to do some yoga exercises. Yoga exercises target both the physical and mental well-being of an individual. As you do the exercise, you are relaxing your inne read more...

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Meditation – Techniques To Learn

When it comes to learning meditation, one requires to learn several important techniques in order to achieve success and obtain maximum benefits. Remember that effective meditation includes a lot of techniques.

The techniques of meditation

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Exercise & Meditation :: What is Yoga?

Yoga, which means discipline, was developed in the year 300 by an Indian Hindu named Patanjali. Its purpose is to stretch the muscles, strengthen the body and increase concentration. It can also help you relax, if you have trouble doing that.
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The UK government outlined how it plans to support the nation's tech industry post-Brexit

Digital Strategy: UK government outlines how it plans to support thriving tech industry post-Brexit - Business Insider